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Referral Program

Referral Program
Our freelance referral program has three sides where we pay out commission:
  • Successful listing on our wesite
  • Successful adds placed in a local directory booklet
  • Once-Off Bonus of R500 if your referrals started a circulation of a new booklet in an area.

Commission is only paid out when a payment has been received by the company that lists, places an add or both options.
Commission will be paid within 24 - 36 hours per bank transfer from where the payment has been received & cleared.

How the program works?

  1. Register a free account
    You do not have to list as business when you register, though you have the option to do so.
  2. Inform us you want to join the referral program
    You can complete the form on this page to apply for the referral program. We will add your profile to the referral program group.
  3. Receive welcome email
    We will send you a welcome email with your unique code and the terms and conditions of the referral program. If you log in again you will notice a new menu item "Referrals". Any information, competitions and bonusses will be posted on this page along with the referral program.
  4. Start referring businesses
    You can refer your boss, a friend or family member. The options are endless. It is very important to complete the online referral form so we can know who you referred. NO COMMISSION WILL BE PAID IF A REFFERAL FORM WAS NOT RECEIVED FIRST.
Commission pay-out
  • Commission paid for a referral leading to a sucessful listing on our website:
    15% of the listing package.
  • Commission paid for a referral leading to a sucessful add or fixed add agreement in a local directory booklet:
    10% per add placed/ per booklet edition(Should the company advertise in multiple booklets and/or more then a single edition).
  • Bonuses will be posted on the referral page along with the qualifieng criteria.
  • Member competitions will be listed from time to time on the referral page with the qualifieng criteria.